2022-2023 EVENTS

The CSU Design Forum is a learning series that brings together artists, educators, organizers and makers from around the state and across the country in order to share their diverse knowledge and experiences with the students of CSU and the greater community.

All events will take place on the Zoom virtual meeting platform. To add an event (and the Zoom link) to your calendar, click READ MORE in the event description, then click on ADD EVENT TO MY CALENDAR on the event page. You can also click HERE to go directly to the Zoom session.

CSU Design Forum has a live transcription option available to all attendees.

Thursday, November 17th, 6:00pm - 7:30pm Pacific Time

The Green Stage #3: Sustainable Approaches in Costume Design and Craft

In this third installment in our series about sustainable design in the theater we speak with Lauren Gaston, Hahnji Jang, and Minji Kim, whose combined work includes costume design for theater, dance and television as well as fashion design and fibre arts.